CONTEMPiCO Hudson Valley, New York The Rebirth Of Contemporary Living

COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL, Cost a Fraction of a Conventional Home, Easy No-Credit-Check Contempico Financing, Have Your Home Built in Days Instead of Months, Stronger & Longer Lasting Than Conventional Buildings, Temperature Insulated, Energy Efficient, Solar & Wind Utilization, Environmentally Friendly, Rust Proof, Noise Proof, Fire Proof, Electrically Ungrounded, Movable, Detachable, Transportable, Stackable, Upgradable, Downgradable, Lockable, Secure, Rain Water Catchment, Line-X Coated, Modular Compartments Include: Modular Bedrooms, Modular Living Rooms, Modular Kitchens, Modular Bathrooms, Modular Indoor Garage, Modular Basement, Modular Swimming & Hot Tub, Modular Patio & Garden Areas, Modular Cooling & Heating, Modular Electrical, Modular Plumbing, Modular Water Source, Modular Septic System, Modular Wired & Wireless High Speed Computer Networking, Built In Remote Access, and Much More. We can do architecture, acquire land, obtain approvals and permits, etc. We take all the guess work out of the process and make it easy. Email Us At: